LinkedIn for Small Business & Professionals

LinkedIn for Business

In this presentation I discuss how to Build your Personal Brand and Reputation, Become a Recognized and Trusted Leader in your industry and Initiate Relationships to Gain Business.

LinkedIn is an online social network for business professionals. It allows professionals to create and maintain career-oriented business connections and promote their services or professional skills.

On LinkedIn, it’s not about your business, it’s about you!

This is not a place to be private.

You must be active.

Build your Personal Brand

Complete your Profile

Instead of using titles only, Owner, President, Sales Manager, etc. Say what you do. Client Relations Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Certified Accountant, Technology Coach

Use all the new visual features to stand out. Post a cover image, add graphic files to your summary and include a professional profile photo

Post completed projects and link them to those who worked on it with you.

Completely fill all fields available to you, education, organizations, etc.


Build your Reputation

Build Your ReputationRecommendations

The best way to receive recommendations is to give them! Also, don’t be afraid to request them from your best customers.


The best way to receive endorsements is to give them!

Business Page

To bring reputability to your business, create a LinkedIn business page for yourself and your employees.


Become a Recognized and Trusted Leader in your Industry

Become a Trusted LeaderJoin Groups

Join groups related to what you do. Comment on posts, share your knowledge, post tips and answer questions.

Create a Group

Start and moderate a group that aims to help your specific clientele, competitors or similar industry leaders but don’t necessarily limit it’s location.

Post Articles

LinkedIn is now a Content Platform. Post your own authored content to gain a following.


Initiate Relationships

Initiate RelationshipsSearch for target clientele via connections

Filter through your contacts’ connections to find perfect candidates for your business

Reach out to your contacts

Ask your contacts for introductions to their connections

Send a personal message

Send a personalized and professional message to potential clients


Gain Business


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LinkedIn for Small Business & Professionals