cHaus Values

Small Business – A Local & Collaborative Approach to Social Media

“Stop waiting for interactions, become the initiator!” Small business owners know the importance of social media. You’ve attended seminars, read numerous articles and have been approached by multiple professionals convincing you to get on board. Whether you like it or not, you’re signing up and attempting to follow the rules as passed down by social

The Right Program for the Right Job

When professional designers get together they can argue for hours about which design program is the best.  Each designer has their favourite and it will quickly become their go-to program for almost everything. A designer may find one easiest to use only because they are most familiar with it. When it comes down to it


We have never been able to create such a truly simple explanation of the Vision we had for our business when we opened our doors in 2008. This is a simple explanation of the way we look at business, the projects we do, the relationships we form and the volunteer work we do in the