Accessible Websites

Our accessibility audits evaluate your website’s ability to support the needs of your users and are completed using partner software and reviewed by real people.

Inclusive Website Design, Audits and Updates

We understand the importance of web accessibility for people who are vision and hearing limited, we have a proven process to audit your site, make the necessary changes and ensure your website meets AODA, WCAG, and WSIB requirements. Our team believes the web should be barrier free and partners with companies with similar beliefs, such as Monsido, to ensure your site is accessible to all your customers and constituents.

Need an accessibility review and updates? We can help.

A Leopard sitting in tall grass with the text "Why The Leopard Changed his Spots" " //The Importance of Accessibility for Your Website"

The Importance of Accessibility For Your Website

Why the Leopard Changed His Spots: The Importance of Accessibility For Your Website If you’ve recently visited our website, you will have noticed that we have updated our corporate colours. It is a subtle change, but a massively essential one here’s why. The old adage that a leopard can’t change its spots speaks to one’s

Your Expert Accessibility Team

Nicole French

Technical Management
Communication & Teaching

Nicole is an Accessibility Specialist as well as the active manager of the supporting Accessibility Team. Her in-depth knowledge of website development processes for web-based applications, web information architecture, accessibility, usability, and web analytics, gives her the ability to complete client projects that are perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust (POUR). Nicole is a well-rounded accessibility consultant who provides accessibility management training to agency, brand, and account managers. She brings an understanding of accessibility compliance and language to provide integrated copy decks, quality assurance reporting, and accessibility resources to online projects.

Jason Wilson

Accessibility Technologies
Web Development
Tech Troubleshooting

With over 15 years of website development experience, Jason’s abilities extend from simple websites to technically advanced, multi-layered data applications, back-end applications and content management systems. He provides expert guidance for building accessible technical solutions to meet AODA and WCAG 2.0 Level A & AA requirements. He also makes recommendations for accessible navigation, structure, and semantics taking client’s current needs and future needs into consideration.

Patrick Bouchard

Back-end Web Development
Screen Reader Technologies

Patrick is an experienced website accessibility auditor who provides both human and automated website testing. He has extensive experience using screen readers, keyboard accessibility techniques and a personal understanding of AODA and WCAG 2.0 Level A & AA requirements. He provides technical accessibility quality assurance checks, and his background includes the creation of websites and cross-platform mobile apps. He is passionate about making all websites accessible to persons with disabilities.

Ailsa Robinson

Front-End Web Development

Ailsa quality checks the implementation of metadata copy decks and instructional decks for AODA and WCAG 2.0 Level A & AA website compliance. She is an experienced front-end developer who creates accessible websites using HTML, CSS, PHP, and implements accessibility solutions such as ARIA labels. She provides visual and technical quality assurance checks, reviews and edits copy decks, and makes technical recommendations.

Other Website Services

Custom Websites

Our strategic website planners, skilled graphic designers and experienced developers are ready to tackle any custom project.

Responsive Websites

Whether we are building a new website or updating a non-responsive site, we can ensure your site is responsive to all mobile and tablet devices.

WordPress Websites

We love building websites with WordPress; it offers scalability and customization for small businesses and startups to government and corporations with an easy to navigate content management system.

Website Platforms

We can maintain and update websites built on Joomla, Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, Webs, Magento, and Shopify content management systems. Don’t see your CMS listed here? Give us a call, if we can help we will, if not we know a business who can.

Website Maintenance

Our development team can help with content and security updates, monthly contests, improving user experience, and mobile optimization.

Landing Pages

Our recipe for successful lead generation is a landing page with killer content, eye-catching graphics, SEO optimization, Call-to-Action flow, and relevant testimonials.

Accessible Websites