Helping Non-Profit & Charity Organizations Reach Their Potential

cHaus has a long history of helping Non-Profits, Charities, and Public Sector Organizations extend their reach.

cHaus has worked with amazing Canadian charities, non-profits and the public sector helping them reach their marketing goals, achieve AODA compliance and share their stories for over 15 years.

We Are A Part of Your Team

We understand the vital role that strong marketing plays in achieving the goals of charity, non-profit, and public sector organizations.

We’re helping our client grow and better serve their communities by:

  • helping to craft or refine their brand identity
  • ensuring their websites are AODA compliant
  • crafting social media strategies to raise awareness
  • producing print, photo and video materials that tell their story

We work closely with each organization, taking the time to learn their goals and objectives, who their audience is, and what stories they want to tell to create a strategy that resonates with supporters and stakeholders.

In a crowded landscape of charitable causes, a strong brand identity stands out. A well-crafted brand story, combined with a comprehensive marketing plan not only increases visibility and credibility but also fosters trust and loyalty amongst donors and supporters.

Let us help your organization attract donors and volunteers, and showcase the good work that you’re doing.

How We Can Help

cHaus can help charities, non-profits, and public sector organizations with:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • AODA Compliance & Audits
  • ReBranding
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Strategy and Development
  • Print Publications
  • Website Development
  • Photography
  • Donation Platform Integrations
  • Video Production

Organizations We’ve Worked With

Success Stories

See how a community health organization’s website was transformed into an accessible, user-friendly site.

cHaus produced stories that helped CLH Foundation exceed their fundraising goals for their virtual event, the #TogetherAtHome Gala.

Giving Back To Our Communities

We understand charities because we volunteer with charities in our free time.

From sitting on boards, to hands-on volunteering, to advising and sharing our expertise, cHaus staff give back to our local communities. We understand the critical role charities and non-profits play in communities across the country and how important it is to share the message. We appreciate the work and dedication that goes into every campaign, initiative, and event.

Work With Us

We’d love to work with your organization.
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