Why Near Me Searches Matter For Local SEO

Why ‘Near Me’ Searches Should Be Part of Your Businesses’ Local SEO Strategy After presenting a keyword research report, clients often ask us what they should do with “near me” searches. You know the ones. Dentist near me, Pizza near me now, Awesome Marketing Company Near Me. The question always takes some form of this

A Leopard sitting in tall grass with the text "Why The Leopard Changed his Spots" " //The Importance of Accessibility for Your Website"

The Importance of Accessibility For Your Website

Why the Leopard Changed His Spots: The Importance of Accessibility For Your Website If you’ve recently visited our website, you will have noticed that we have updated our corporate colours. It is a subtle change, but a massively essential one here’s why. The old adage that a leopard can’t change its spots speaks to one’s

3 Takeaways From Toronto DesignThinkers 2018

Back in October, our resident Graphic Designer Kevin Cascagnette (hey, that’s me!) had the opportunity to attend DesignThinkers Toronto, an industry leading conference put on by the RGD (Association of Registered Graphic Designers). More than 2,000 creatives participated in the event over the course of two jam-packed days.

Poppins, Raleway, Montserrat and Roboto fonts standing out amongst Arial

Spice Up Your Documents with these 4 Font Alternatives to Arial

We’ve all been there: looking at a letter, formal document, or poster with Arial staring back at us. Don’t get me wrong, Arial is a great font, it’s tried and true, and gets the job done. But at the end of the day, sometimes we’re looking for more than “getting the job done”, and that’s