cHaus Wrapped: Our Top Songs of 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s the time of year when music streaming services send us our year in review lists. It’s always fascinating to see what the data reveals – what songs we listen to, how much we listen, and how our tastes have changed over the years.

As an open-concept office, things can get noisy. It’s not uncommon to see three or four team members with headphones on at any given time. We collectively share a Bluetooth speaker system and are exposed to each other’s tastes. Let’s just say that it can get pretty contentious (in the most friendly way possible).

Sarah McGaughey – Digital Marketing Administrative Coordinator

Top Artist: Feist

What Sarah says: Years ago, when my daughter was about 3, she loved the video for Mushaboom so much that I made her flying toast from felt for her birthday (watch the video, you’ll understand). When I listen to Feist, I feel nostalgic for those early years of motherhood, and for the early 2000 Toronto music scene. I suppose there is at least one Feist song on every playlist. She’s on mine because her music serves many purposes for me – dancing, singing along, concentrating, comfort, feeling sad, feeling happy, and introducing myself to new people.

Top Song: The Bleeding Heart Show by the New Pornographers

What Sarah says: The New Pornographers has been one of my favourite bands for over 20 years, and this is one of my favourite songs of theirs. I love the harmonies, and the beat, and the driving melody.

Nicole French – Founder

Top Artist: Florence + The Machine

What Nicole says: Always a favourite and many of her songs top my most listened to lists, so this makes perfect sense to me. I can listen to Florence in any mood.

Top Song: Beyond by Leon Bridges

What Nicole says: 🤷‍♀️

Kevin Cascagnette – Graphic Designer

Top Artist: Thomas Rhett

What Kevin says: My 2019 was a year spent with fun, amazing people and Thomas Rhett is all about fun, amazing music. Contemporary Country Music always puts me in a good mood, and Thomas Rhett is one of the best out there.

Top Song: 3 Nights by Dominic Fike

What Kevin says: I literally listened to this song on repeat for 4hrs straight one day and then would continually listen to it over and over again. I can’t get enough of the catchy beat and the strong delivery of the lyrics. It’s honestly just a fun song, and even at the end of 2019, I still enjoy playing it on repeat.

Ryan Spooner – Content Writer

Top Artist: Jim Bryson

What Ryan says: There are a few reasons why Jim Bryson was my top artist this year. Not only does he live down the road from my hometown, but I saw him play in Uxbridge at the Springtide Music Festival. After the show, I was on a big kick of listening to him – a kick that has continued the entire year!

Top Song: Stuck in the Middle by Jim Bryson

What Ryan says: I guess if I was listening to him the most that I would have him as my top song too! I am just surprised that something from Frozen didn’t end up here as my daughter controls the music in the car!

Jason Wilson – Founder

Top Artist: Papa Roach

What Jason says: I enjoyed Papa Roach back in 2001 when they first hit the scene and for a few years following. They continued to release albums, and I got back into them in 2017. So when their latest album came out earlier this year, I listened to it a lot. For a good month, it was on repeat working at home, in the car, and my trip to Vail. And I got to know their last few albums better too. And they show up a lot in the rock chart playlists I listen to. Spotify says I spent 49 hours listening to Papa Roach this year.

Top Song: Elevate by Papa Roach

What Jason says: Elevate was probably the most popular song on Papa Roach’s latest album. It was on all of the rock chart playlists I listen to the most, so it got played more often than the other Papa Roach songs I was already listening to. Not my favourite song of the year, but it was my most played.

Crys Wiltshire – Digital Account Manager

Top Artist: Eric Harry

What Crys says: Eric Harry is the award-winning composer behind, who happens to be one of our clients. I discovered his music not long after they came on board. He quickly became my top choice for instrumental music when I am working or writing in my spare time. His music carries such emotion, and his albums are so beautifully put together. His tracks can make you feel uplifted or haunted and everything in between.

Top Song: Supermarket Flowers by Amber Leigh Irish

What Crys says: I discovered this song on an acoustic covers playlist Apple had put together, and the lyrics packed an emotional gut punch that stuck with me. It is a beautiful song that deals with the loss of a parent. Not exactly a happy song, but a beautiful one nonetheless.

Mark Rabey – Full-Stack Web Developer

Top Artist: Korn

What Mark says: I have been a huge Korn fan since high school. As a musician, I appreciate every bit of energy and skill that goes into creating their sound. As a programmer, there’s always been something about heavier music that gets me in the zone to write code. This year, Jason let me tag along to see them live for the first time, which got me listening to them even more.

Top Song: Blind by Korn

What Mark says: I wouldn’t say this is my favourite song in the world, or even by Korn, but it’s the one that always gets me going! I love starting off my week, or a new project hearing them growl: “Are you ready?”

Pam Higgins – Content & SEO Strategist

Top Artist: Brandi Carlile

What Pam says: From the moment I heard Brandi Carlile’s 2007 album “The Story,” I was hooked. Her powerful vocals and boldly honest songwriting with the Hanseroth brothers are inspiring. Today, her voice is stronger. Her songwriting and producing skills are exceptional, and her live performances, both alone and with the Hanseroth twins, are hair-raising and pitch-perfect.

Top song: The Joke by Brandi Carlile

What Pam says: “The Joke” is an intense folk rock aria with melodic twists and soaring vocals. The lyrics speak to the unloved and underrepresented, to the social upheaval surrounding immigration, gender inequality and the hope for a better tomorrow.

Thanks for listening! If you want to listen to the playlist on Apple Music, here is the link.

To end the blog, we will share Wendy’s end of the work week tune: Is it Friday Yet by Gord Bamford!

We’re excited to see what 2020 holds for our 🎧

cHaus Wrapped: Our Top Songs of 2019